Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone


Buy genuine Halotestin – Fluoxymesterone. Halobol by Alpha Phama Healthcare.

Each packet contains 50 x 10 mg tablets of Fluoxymesterone. The ultimate and best strength increasing steroid of all time – Buy Halotestin.



Buy Halotestin – 50 x 10mg Fluoxymesterone

Watch your strength climb through the roof with the Hulk like effects of Halotestin.

Although Fluoxymesterone isn’t one of the most effective with direct muscle bulking effects, it makes up for it with the dramatic effect it has on your strength. Because of this it means you’re lifting heavier weights, working your muscles harder than ever before and therefore increasing muscle mass. Your increase in strength from the Halotestin will see you far surpassing all of your personal bests.

Fluoxymesterone / Halotestin has the strongest anabolic androgenic ratio currently known to man but has zero oestrogen related side effects. This means it can yield great effect in pre-contest prep hardening off the muscle and keeping your lifts high during low-calorie times.

Because the strength of Halotestin it’s best to keep doses under 40mg daily, any higher than this and the risk to reward ratio falls out of favour. So as you’ve probably guessed Halotestin can be rather taxing on the liver. This means you should limit your use of Fluoxymesterone to 2-4 weeks. What many people find beneficial is starting out on 20mg of Halotestin every day for the first 2 weeks then bumping it up to 40mg of Halotestin for the reaming 2 weeks. This seems to yield best effects with minimum sides.

All steroid users always report amazing experiences when taking Halotestin, so now it’s your turn. Buy Genuine Halotestin from Alpha Pharma Healthcare. One of the very few real and genuine Halotestin products left on the market. 96% of all other Fluoxymesterone products around are fake, so make sure you buy the real deal right here, right now – today!

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