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Super Bulk Testosterone Blend


Buy Hexadex from Sciroxx Labs UK. This is an injectable testosterone compound combined of 6 different Testosterone esters.
20mg Testosterone acetate
30mg Testosterone propionate
50mg Testosterone phenylpropionate
90mg Testosterone enanthate
95mg Testosterone cypionate
165mg Testosterone undecanoate
Comprising to a total of 450mg of Testosterone per ml. This is very much a supercharged sustanon, great for bulking cycles.

Product Description

Buy Super Bulk Testosterone Blend 450mg/ml x 10ml

Hexadex – Super bulk testosterone blend is great for them winter bulks or any serious bulking cycle. With such a high dose per ml you can reduce the amount and frequency of injections making it all that bit easier.

As with any testosterone steroid, expect amazing gains in lean body mass, strength and endurance. Meaning bigger and heavier lifts and longer workouts in the gym. This coupled with the great muscle building abilities of super bulk testosterone means your sure to be pleased with your results.

You better start buying some new and bigger shirts because you won’t fit into the ones your wearing now, that’s for sure.

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