5 Simple Rules For Biginner steroid Users

Please read the following information before contacting us for more advice as it may well answer your questions.Big muscles with steroids for sale

Injectable steroids are probably the true fundamental ingredient to achieving the body you desire. That’s not saying oral steroids don’t still hold a fair role when it comes to a steroid cycle. However the bigger, better and longer lasting gains will come from combining both oral steroids and injectable steroids in the correct way.

It’s almost like a cooking recipe. If you forget to put a certain ingredient in the meal it may well taste okay. But certainly not as delicious and mouth-watering as having all the ingredients and then cooking them in the correct order.

Now as much as we are in business to make money. And we will accept and ship every order you or anyone else send to us, we believe in making sure you get the best results possible whilst keeping as safe as possible.

Over the years we as a company have seen and heard so much regret because of people not following advice being given to them. So below for you are some basic principles that you should be following when starting out buying and taking anabolic steroids.

Most of these will carry on being things you will follow and do as you continue down the line on future cycles as well. Some of these things may just seem to be common sense, but there is a problem with that – common sense just isn’t that common. So let’s get on.

Beginner Steroid Advice Rule #1 – Research and Experience

Buy Steroids UKDon’t randomly take advice from people in the gym, most of the time it will be regurgitated information. It is rarely from that persons own experience. It will be something they heard off someone, that they heard off someone else and so on. It’s a bit like the game Chinese whispers you probably played as a child. Think back to a time when you played it, you’re sure to remember how different what you eventually heard was to the original thing that was said.

Use the internet and research, there are some great forums around with experienced bodybuilders and steroid users on. These places can be a good place to start because they are moderated. So if someone starts giving out bad or incorrect information the moderators will normally step in and say something.

You can also use our free advice contact form at the bottom of this page. Contact us and ask our team any questions you may have left over after you finish reading this information.

Beginner Steroid Advice Rule #2 – Importance of Steroid Cycles

Bulking up with steroidsSecondly, we highly recommend if you can’t afford to buy a full cycle then you should leave it for when you can, because you will regret it in the long run. Like you read at the beginning, our ultimate goal when it comes to your steroid use is – you successfully getting the results you deserve and keeping safe, not just giving you steroids for sale.

If you check out our Steroid Cycles section you can find some predesigned steroid cycles to buy, which will fit to most people. There are different ones depending on your goals and experience. These also work out cheaper than buying the steroid items individually.  If you are unsure, just send us a message through our contact form and we will be glad to help you.

Beginner Steroid Advice Rule #3 – Buying Steroids in the UK

Buy ilegal steroids UKMake sure you stay away from buying steroids in the gym or on the street. There are several reasons for this. The first one being the fact you will be breaking the law because the sale and distribution of steroids WITHIN the UK is illegal.

You can import steroids from outside the United Kingdom FOR PERSONAL USE – but that is it. The second you hand anything over to a friend or viceverser EVEN FOR FREE you’re breaking the law and so is any other dealer in the UK whom is doing so.

The second reason is most gym dealers will only have certain stock at any given time. They don’t normally have a full range of products. Hence they will normally lie to you and try to sell you something that’s not suitable, telling you that’s what you want.

Beginner Steroid Advice Rule #4 – Correct Injection Procedure

Learn your correct injection sites. Because as time goes by and injection frequency increases with your cycles, you won’t be able to use the same site for each jab continuously. You will have to rotate different injection sites then return to starting site.


Injectable Steroids for SaleMake sure you use a clean and sterile procedure when injecting your steroids, because this will aid dramatically in preventing any possible abscesses from occurring within the muscle. This means; before touching anything wash your hands with hot soapy water and dry them with a paper towel (normal towels will hold an amount of bacteria even when clean). Make sure you swab both the injection site and the vial prior to jabbing with an alcohol swab.

Never ever use the same needle twice. Make sure you use quality needles, cheap ones can sometime be a little blunt. And don’t use the same one for drawing as injecting, because putting the needle through the rubber stopper on the top of a vial blunts it somewhat. Using good syringes will help the oil leave smoother, in turn making the process of the oil entering your muscle much smoother. This will reduce the discomfort a lot of people normally associate with injecting anabolic steroids.

Beginner Steroid Advice Rule #5 – The Need for P.C.T

Post cycle Therapy for SaleP.C.T (Post Cycle Therapy) is just as important as the anabolic steroid cycle itself. When taking anabolic steroids your body will shut down it’s own natural testosterone production because it sees no need for it. This means when you finish your cycle and the steroids you’ve been taking reach there half-life and have left your body, you will have little to no testosterone in your body. And it doesn’t take a genius to work out what will happen – considering the whole reason for you taking steroids was to take your body beyond its natural level to gain muscle beyond your natural ability. So what do you think will happen with no testosterone in your body?

So what a correct P.C.T will do for you is help bring your natural testosterone levels back up, so you can maintain as much of that muscle you’ve put on as possible. Which is what steroid cycling is all about.

If you require any more information, help or assistance drop us a message in the contact box below. A member of our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible and help you out as much as possible.