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Quality Steroids Coupled With A First Rate Service

It’s fair to say that the majority of people in this world will not understand your desire to take or buy steroids. That’s not because your making a wrong decision. It’s more than likely because they have the wrong outlook on anabolic steroids. Maybe it’s because they have a lack of understanding on what they are and what they actually do. Probably a result of being given incorrect information and being sold on the idea that steroids are a creation of the devil.

However, none of that really matters, because here at Superhuman Pharmaceuticals we understand, accept and appreciate that some times your genetics need a helping hand. We also understand that your want, desire and yearn to push your body through and past these genetic barriers is real.

That’s why we are here, to assist you in pushing past your genetic barriers. We help you do this by having a wide range of genuine anabolic steroids for sale and also a range of hormone related pharmaceutical products, such as growth hormone. Along with having these products for you to buy we also offer free help, advice and guidance to all our customers.

Whatever your goal may be, our goal is to help you achieve it. This is why we have a team of health care professionals whom specialise in anabolic steroids and hormone supplementation. Helping you to achieve and even surpass your goals.

Steroid side effects warning

Dangers Of Anabolic Steroids

Taking anabolic steroids can be very dangerous. However, with the correct knowledge and understanding steroids can be equally as safe as they can be dangerous. The dangers related to taking steroids doesn’t just lie with the un-educated use of them, but also when it comes to buying them. keeping this in mind, please take into consideration the following information before deciding to take steroids or buy them.

Legal Steroids, The Law regarding Steroids UK

As it stands the personal use of steroids in the UK is legal. However, you must remember the sale and distribution of steroids within the United Kingdom is against the law, it is illegal. This leaves a lot of people asking questions similar the following:

  • “How can you take anabolic steroids legally without breaking the law, if you can’t buy steroids in the UK?”
  • “Will my doctor prescribe me steroids?”
  • “Why can I buy steroids legally from your pharmacy and still keep within the parameters of the law?”

So let’s clear up any confusion, misunderstanding or doubt you may have regarding the sale of these products to you. You first need to understand that you will find a lot of misguiding information on the internet about almost anything, but in particular when it comes to pharmaceutical products such as steroids. A lot of the reason for this is many webpages over the internet tend to be re-written ‘information’ that has been previously published else where.

Original content and information on the internet believe it or not tends to be rather scarce. This means that most people, websites and companies online tend to know very little about what they are talking about or selling. They do very little to understand their subject matter. They instead edit, redraft and rework someone else’s content. The problem that lies with this is, if the original information which has been copied is incorrect or misleading so is that of the redrafted content. Leaving the internet littered with, hogwash, nonsense and drivel. So, with this understood let’s address the aforementioned questions.

How can you take anabolic steroids legally without breaking the law, if you can’t buy steroids in the UK?

Although buying steroids from within the United Kingdom may be against the law, the importation of these particular pharmaceuticals for personal use is not. It’s a rather fortunate loop-hole in the law. As long as your steroids are arriving from outside of the UK it is classed as importing them (be it in person or by post). This means as long as they are coming from a country where the sale and distribution of steroids is allowed you’re keeping within the parameters of the legal system. Therefor, the easiest option for the majority of people to source their steroid products is to find a legitimate supplier based outside of the UK who can send them to you.

You will find some websites telling you that buying steroids via mail order over the internet is no longer legal, and the only way to import them is yourself in person. This however is incorrect. It is again your typical misleading, regurgitated information that we mentioned before. So to put it straight, there was a proposal to change the law making postal/mail order importation illegal. But that is all it was, a proposal that was brought forward and as of yet has not been brought into effect. So buying steroids online still remains a safe option if bought from the right place.

When it come to anabolic steroids there is no fixed figure as such to what is classed as personal use. However when looking at steroids for sale, bear in mind, if necessary it will be down to you to explain to the appropriate bodies how much steroids you take, what for and why. Also remember, the sale and distribution of these products is illegal. Do not offer to sell your steroids to anyone if you are in the UK. Even if you get caught giving steroids to a friend or gym buddy without the exchange of money this is classed as distribution, and a punishable offence under UK law.

Will my doctor prescribe me steroids?

Yes, your doctor may well prescribe you with anabolic steroids. However, you will first need to demonstrate that you are experiencing abnormally low levels of testosterone, a condition medically known as Hypogonadism. If this were to be the case and your GP thought you to be suffering from Hypogonadism they would put you on a course of H.R.T (Hormone Replacement Therapy) more specifically T.R.T (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

Testosterone Replacement therapy for Hypogonadism would most commonly consist of a mild (by performance enhancing standards) weekly dose of testosterone, most likely Testosterone Enathate at 250mg. This is all you’re likely receive from your doctor, unless you’re suffering with a condition such as Aids. You’re definitely not going to get the vast array of anabolic steroids from your GP that you want and need for bodybuilding or powerlifting purposes.

Why can I buy steroids legally from your pharmacy and keep within the parameters of the law?

SuperhumanSteroids.com is an online pharmacy focussed mainly on anabolic steroids for sale to the UK and other select countries where the personal use of these pharmaceuticals are legal.

As mentioned previously, by importing steroids into the UK for personal use you are not breaking the law. So the reason you are not breaking the law when using our pharmacy is quite simple. We are based outside of the UK in a country where the sale and distribution of steroids is legal. This means, by buying from us you are simply importing steroids. As long as these steroids are for you and you do not intend on passing them on to anyone else, you are keeping within the parameters of the law.

Although we can not stop you from passing steroid products on to other people we strongly recommend against it, because you could land yourself in a lot of trouble. To try and stop this from happening we offer a referral reward to all our customers. Simply tell whom ever you refer to mention you when placing their order and we will give you a monetary discount off you next order. In some cases depending how much they order we will even give you the choice of FREE products.

Oral Steroids

What are oral steroids?

Oral steroids are as the name suggests, anabolic steroids which are orally administered. You can buy oral steroids in normally 2 forms. One being steroid tablets and the other being a liquid. Steroid tablets are the easiest to get hold of and therefore the most popular form of oral steroids for sale, bought in online stores.

How do you use oral steroids?

Oral steroids are often run alongside injectable steroids as a kick-start to steroid cycles. This means you take it for a quicker effect whilst waiting for the injectable steroid to kick in and take effect. They are even at times run half way through a steroid cycle to shock your body, keeping it guessing and keeping the gains coming.

Injectable Steroids

What are injectable steroids?

Despite many peoples beliefs who do not buy steroids, take steroids nor understand them, injectable steroids ARE NOT injected into the vein. Neither do they posses mind altering effects. Therefore, despite the bad press they receive people who buy steroids and take them are nothing like drug addicts. And definitely not like those who inject heroin and crack cocaine direct into their veins.

Look at it this way, taking injectable steroids is more like going to your doctors for a booster. Injectable steroids are a liquid form of anabolic steroids which are administered intramuscularly (into the MUSCLE). Most injectable steroids you buy are are normally oil based (which is most common), or an aqueous suspension such as injectable Stanzolol – Winstrol for example.

How do you use injectable steroids?

Injection frequency and dose depends on the steroid profile. This is because different steroids require different dosing and administration frequency depending on the ester and the length of its carbon chain. Generally the longer the carbon chain the longer the steroid remains in the body. Resulting in dosing frequency being spread further apart.